Alan Bracken
Topic: The Wow Factor

Topic Overview:
The ‘Wow Factor’ is a memorable experience that leaves others talking about us in an extremely positive way. We all know the Wow Factor when we experience it. And yet, creating it for our employees, customers and clients is extremely difficult. Communication breakdowns are the most common barrier between desiring and actually delivering a consistent ‘Wow’. These breakdowns result in low morale and lost profits.
But, what if that changed?


Alan was nineteen years old when he started Bracken Paving. He had early success, but it was only after meeting John C. Maxwell that he became very aware of his own shortcomings as a leader and began pursuing personal growth with the same passion, teachability, and work ethic that had built his business.

The results transformed Alan’s leadership style, and Bracken Paving quadrupled their revenue in just six years, landing Alan and Amanda on the cover of Equipment World magazine as the 2008 Contractor of the Year. After twenty years of success, they decided to sell their companies in order to help other businesses and organizations experience this same transformation.

Today, Alan travels around the country speaking on leadership and team engagement, as well as coaching executives and consulting for organizations. His approach is to come alongside and serve as a guide to help organizations accomplish their goals. Alan actively impacts team engagement in the organizations he works with by facilitating staff meetings, interviewing potential hires, and acting as a moderator in resolving conflicts.