Susan Crum
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Author, women's ministry leader, Independent Certified Coach, Trainer, Teacher and Speaker, I have almost 25 years' combined experience in the non-profit sector, including leadership, relationship building, fundraising, marketing and public relations, as well as higher education/institutional advancement, business/corporate world and entrepreneurship.  

So what made me decide to write a book? Simply? It was on my bucket list. I had a dream to publish a book, and I finally decided I wasn't going to settle with where I found myself in this life until my dream was achieved.  After a very traumatic loss in my life, I was given the missing chapters. So along came "Only to Susan" in the spring of April 2012. Check!

My book was just taking flight, in addition to my speaking engagements, when I suffered a stroke in September 2012. We all know life sometimes throws us curve balls. But I've learned those curve balls keep us awake to opportunities so we have to keep on swinging. And that's exactly what I did. I kept swinging, fighting back from my stroke . . . and I did.  

During the fall of 2014, I published my latest book, "And I Did . . .", in order to motivate, inspire and uplift others as I share a few adversities I've overcome.

However, I came to realize one of my adversities was a gift  . . . a “gift” of breast cancer in July 2013. Because of the previous storms in my life I persevered through, I saw this diagnosis as a new season in my life to inspire and motivate others.

As a result, I established the "Still Sparkling in Pink" Fund as part of The Susan D. Crum Foundation, in order to educate and create awareness, as well as provide financial support to those battling breast cancer in our community.

I have learned to put my full trust and faith in God, allowing Him to move me from where I am to where He wants to take me. And where is He taking me? He is allowing me to use my speaking ability and adversities as a leader in women's ministry to encourage and inspire others through my testimonies in an effort to create or strengthen their intimate relationship with Christ. In addition, He's consenting to utilize my personal and professional experience to help others optimize their drive in order to further their careers, develop skills for outstanding results and maximize their full potential. 

Today, I lean fully on God, live and celebrate one day at a time, and give thanks to God in all circumstances of my life as I am certainly not the woman I was before breast cancer . . . I am more.